ADP Compliance Solutions

Tax solution for small and large scale enterprises

Compliance Solutions is an enterprise tax solution by ADP. It helps simplify employment tax process for small, midsized and large businesses. It manages employment tax processing and improves a business’ ability to comply with the rules of multiple tax jurisdictions. Compliance Solutions has 271,615 users across 65,119 clients.



Remove frustrations : Gain trust to alleviate the need to check status repeatedly with ADP account manager or call agency themselves. Be on time, keep them updated and show what matters.
Get the basics right : Relieve the practioners of the manual and redundant work. Show what needs to be done upfront and reduce the noise.
Emotional connect : Use of microanimations to create delight and create a sticky product.


I worked with researchers, analytics team, Product Owner and developers to get a holistic view of the service, business requirements and the product vision. I also conducted a design sprint to gather understanding, generate concepts using divergent and convergent thinking, prototyping and validation through a quick usability session.


IRS (federal), state and local agencies sends letters/notices to taxpayers for various reasons. It could just be information about changes to the agency or the employer’s tax profile, or highlights compliance problems in the payments or filings.

Types of notices are:
  • Deposit schedule change
  • Rate updates
  • Refund
  • Amount due


    Who uses Compliance Solutions?
    Tax practitioners at client companies use our service, 63% of whom are females and 36% males.
    Through research, two personas were identified, which we used to facilitate discussions about our users needs and varying contexts of use.

    1. Large scale enterprise persona
    Dedicated tax practitioner for notices : 35-44 yrs, female

    2. Small scale enterprise persona
    With mixed responsibilities (tax + wage payments + garnishments): 25-34 yrs, female

    Practitioner Workflow
    Practitioners have come up with their own workflow to manage these notices. They spend considerable amount of time to review and prioritize notices first, then scan and send them to ADP.

    Some keep the physical copy in a separate drawer, some save copy on internal shared drive for future reference and destroy the physical copy, while some discard the physical copy after the notice is resolved.

    After uploading the notices, some practitioners rely on email communications to track them and only look at them if the subject line says “action needed” or “error”. While some others created a internal database to assign, track and
    close notices.
    Calling ADP account manager or customer care for updates on notices or information for an approval is a main activity.

    Practitioner Voice


    Resolving tax notices involves a lot of organising, manual and paper work by a company’s tax practitioner.

    “The challenge was to design a digital solution to reduce practitioner's effort, increase process transparency during the lifecycle of a notice and make the whole process streamlined.”


    These objectives helped me to stay on track going forward in the design process and to create visibility into design decisions for the whole team.

    The Concept

    Platform framework
    Initial sketches


    Web app for large enterprises

    Tax practitioners in larger enterprises often work on one or two processes (agency notices, amendments, etc.) of a single module (modules being Employment tax,tax profile, wage garnishments,etc.). The web app is better suited for their needs because of higher volume of notices and compliance formalities.

    Mobile app for small enterprises

    Unlike tax practitioners in larger enterprises, in small enterprises they work on multiple modules and processes single handedly. They have less number of employees resulting in low volume of notices, wage garnishments, etc. and compliance formalities. They prefer mobile app as it gives more flexibity for uploading notices and actions can be taken on the go.


  • Employment tax NPS went up from 15 in July 2017 to 22 in Dec 2017
  • Client effort score* is 83 and satisfaction score is 91
  • More than 63% of the total payment approvals now happen on Compliance solutions (instead of call/ email)
  • Notice upload volume went up from 600/week to ~3000/week on introducing multi document upload from app (instead of fax/ email)

  • *Client effort score is the percentage of respondents who rated ADP with a 9 or 10 when asked “ADP made it easy for me to handle my issue or question”