A little beyond

Waxed leaf but a delicate white flower,
Wheels on road but little first steps,
Rain drops in monsoon but beguiling mist on morning window,
Huge mountain to conquer but playable pebble at riverside,
Photo album to keep but a mesmerising first sight,
A bound novel to read but a beautiful phrase to remember,
Yes... tiny, but closer to heart,
In this world and a little beyond.

Souls in a spiral

On a hot summer day, during vacations in May,
a visit to Hanuman temple, with the crowd being ample,
It is said that his photograph is real, and I suppose it is a big deal,
climbing the stairs uptill there,and I couldnt even see where is where.

I asked if there real was really real,
and a story was unfurled that was absolutely surreal,
There was a man wandering in mountains, in search of springs or some fountains,
It was dark at night, and in a cave he saw some light,
His curiosity bubbled and mind was troubled,
What could shine so bright, without fire or light?
He walked into the cave and saw Hanuman there, reading Ramayan ever so sincere,
He clicked a picture and walked out,
but Hanuman's aura was way too strong and the man was knocked out.

A person dies if he sees a god,
this is not fair I said, please open the knot,
grandma explained he went to heaven,
no need to be distraught you are only seven!
Every soul it does travel,high above the sky, a place we all marvel,
Good deeds take it to the heaven's gate,
if not, understand, it's not a clean slate.

Souls in a spiral, is my outlook,a journey they all undertook,
trapped in time and space,because their fair deeds were so scarce,
they are born again to pay their dues, and to end the cycle and begin anew.

No one.

She is like the wind,
Always moving, with her wish,
Sometimes pleasant, sometimes wild,
Who can dampen her spirits?

She is like the butterfly,
Always joyful, spreading beauty,
Sometimes accompanied, sometimes solitary,
Who can take away her liberty?

She is like the kite,
Always flying, kissing the sky,
Sometimes obeying, sometimes wilful,
Who can stop her from reaching heights?

She is like the river,
Always adjusting, giving life,
Sometimes calm, sometimes furious,
Who can break her determination?

No one.

Happy Birthday!

As you step into another year of your life...
You take with you... some more memories,
Happy and sad,
You go through... some more emotions,
Low and delightful,
You carry on with... some more traditions,
Old and new,
You have with you... some more friends,
Close and skew,
You think of... some more ideas,
Worn and novel,
You have lots of years with
some more fun, love, ups and down,
And today's day... to celebrate it all... some more!

The sky and the sea

Feeling the breeze in my hair, absorbing the warmth on my skin,
Marvelling at the serene expanse, drifting into a trance,
Thinking... how would this even end?

They look at each other always but never hold hands,
They walk side by side but never meet,
They endure the journey together but never arrive.

Days come and go, seasons change,
Tide and storms test their fortitude,
Sailors seem to help them and night twists it all,
And yet... horizon eludes them.

A tear trickles down my cheek,
While humidity stifles me,
Spreading my hands out to them,
I try to bring in the verve that I am devoid of

For they never give up,
Nor shall I.

Cold coffee

I loved her cold coffee. It was the most different. Just like her. It's been over a year that I haven't
had cold coffee... she had promised she would make one for me.
She was not difficult to spot. So full of energy, that no one could ignore her. Chirpy and talking.
She was still in training and yet to get a project when I first saw her. Days passed and one day I
saw her enter my project block. Her name was Priti. We were in the same project. A few days passed
without much conversation. But the Saturday shift changed the whole scene. It was that day when our
friendship grew strong and most unique. We discovered that we both were crazy. The craziest.
Laughing our hearts out and working together.

Incidentally, I was her neighbour too. One day I asked her, have you ever been to the building's terrace?
She said no and we both decided to explore it. She came with two coffee mugs to the terrace. She gave
me one. I asked her why this and she said, I love coffee... especially cold coffee. Don't you like it?
I replied I did. It was a beautiful view from the terrace. We talked and talked and talked. We gossiped,
discussed about life, problems, cracked jokes, and most of all enjoyed each other's company.

Every day after dinner we went to the terrace. She always bought the cold coffee to sip while talking.
It became a routine, an obvious part of my life.
A few days later she did not come to office. She had not told me that she'll be on leave. Strange.
I tried calling her but couldn't connect. She wasn't in the city. What had happened that she went
away? Why was she not talking to me?

Her relocation order came. She was transferred to Mumbai. Same project but miles away. Yet there was no
sign of her. I was sure she was going to lose her job. Days went by but she did not return. I missed her.
It was less than a month with her but her absence had created a void in my life. It wasn't the same anymore.
But one morning my heart leaped with joy to see her. She smiled at me and we walked to take the office bus.
She had returned, but to leave. She told me she went to give her exam for post-graduation course. She didn't
tell anyone about it otherwise she would not have got such a long leave. She said she would be quitting job
if she gets selected.

She had to leave for Mumbai the next evening from office itself. She was busy the whole day with formalities
and packing. But she found time and called me up for the last terrace talk. Today also, she had two cups of
cold coffee in her hand. And we talked.
It was her last day in the office here. And I was so caught up with work that I couldn't give her much time.
My being present in the office was crucial. I couldn't leave my seat. She called to say that she was leaving.
I wished her luck and apologized that I could not come to see her off. She was sad, and it showed in her
voice. But she said she understood and we said our goodbyes. She cut the call.

These were her last minutes in the office campus. My last few minutes to see her, maybe for the last time.
My being at my seat was important but, to not see her was heart breaking. I had to meet her.
I rushed to the gate and ran towards the campus gate to the bus she was in. I had two minutes, maybe one.
The whistle rang. I ran as fast as I could. I had to meet her.

Her bus hadn't started. I jumped into it. And there she was. Walking up to me with water in her eyes and a
smile that touched her heart. I knew she wanted to see me as much as I wanted to see her before she leaves.
The bus started. We shook hands and I got down. I saw the bus go till it was no longer visible.

It is so strange. Such a short time together gave me friendship that means so much to me. She got selected
in the PG program. She has completed her first year there. We couldn't meet but I always remind her of the
cold coffee that she has to make for me whenever we talk.

She had promised she would make one for me.

It is just another day

It is just another day, you say,
True, I reply, and I won't sway,

It is just another day...
To recollect memories,
For intake of calories,
To read good wishes,
For a few body swishes,

It is just another day...
To feel the love, to get out of the cove,
To enjoy the day, for happiness make way,
To feel blessed and get dressed.

It is just another day... a happy birthday.